Dec. 24th, 2009

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Warning: The vid below is not yet in its final form. If you're allergic to aspect ratio issues, you may want to wait and come back later. It is, however, a vast improvement over the version that's been available online for four years, which is why I'm posting it now *g*.

So, remember when I said I needed girl-on-girl scenes for a new vid? I was lying a little so I could surprise people with this. I've spent the past couple of weeks remastering my vid All I Want For Christmas, and this is the provisional result. I added a lot of new clips. (Including some of girls kissing ...) There are still a few technical issues I need to iron out before I call it finalized. In some cases I didn't have the original source for the clips, and in other cases I've reached the limits on my knowledge of aspect ratio. (Australian DVDs: finding ever more exciting ways to make life difficult for vidders!)

Anyway. The vid. Please right click to download. (Or, uh, whatever one does instead on a Mac.)

All I Want For Christmas Is You

Artist: Olivia Olson

Technical Details: Divx .avi, 22MB

Fandom: ... there are more than fifty?

Summary: Three minutes and forty-five seconds of unadulterated multifandom sappiness. Happy Holidays!

Vidder's Note

If I may be permitted to get emotional in honour of the season: not only are we nearly at the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century, in a couple of months I will celebrate my first decade in fandom. Ten years ago, none of you knew me, although I knew a few of you from my time spent lurking. Now I don't know what I'd do without you.

This is a vid about love - the love the characters have for each other, and the love I have for them, and the love I have for fandom and the people in it. Here's to another decade together, yes?


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